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Indian Forum for Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology (IFRA) is made up of persons with disabilities, their organizations, their family members, CBR practitioners / other service providers, representatives of children, women and older people without disabilities. IFRA is one of the few groups advocating for affordable and quality rehabilitation services and assistive technology for persons with and without disabilities in the community.

“Poverty is one of the worst crises faced by the world today and people with disabilities are one of the worst impacted groups.”

Christy Abraham, Board member, PRAXIS – Institute for Participatory Practices, India and Caritas India

Our Mission

Our Mission

To bring about lasting positive change for inclusion in community life for persons with disabilities and marginalized populations needing rehabilitation.

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Our Vision

A world of resilient, inclusive and empowered communities free from poverty for persons with disabilities and other marginalized populations in need of rehabilitation.

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